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Welcome to Nadina


Greetings Travelers. Welcome to Nadina, a town in Northern Banecroft, which sits on the shores of Beutiful lake Nadina. Nadina fisherman fish for the entire Barony providing food for most of the nation. The phosphers mine to the north is mined mostly by Nadinans, which when prosessd becomes the magical componant needed by mages for the "Light" spell.


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There is no Current Lord of Nadina after the departure of Elwick Dragonsborrow (otherwise known as Rebel) form the Barony. The cuurent Rulership is a Triumvirate of Cheif Mathew McKane, Chancelor Faye, and Captin BrightHammer HalfDwarven. Mathew is in charge of the standing Milita, Faye is in charge of the "Well Being" of the citizens (ie making sure there is enough food for all, housing, etc.) and BrightHammer is in charge of the City Guard and the overall Security of the city. All together they make polital decisions for the Nadina Region, but never make a decision so big that Baron Diamond was not conculted. This Triumvirate is temporary until a new Lord is Named.

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